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Brief an den Präsidenten – Shades Of Yellow

Dear Mr. President!

We are much more than delighted to inform You that You were chosen to receive the international award  „Best Hairstyle 2016“. The jury summarized their decision as following:

„Mr. Donald Trumps consequently worn hairstyle is unexampled. Cut, style & colour are perfectly balanced and at the same time dynamic and unmistakable. This unique style represents much more than force, authority and pose (all attributes for a real president) – it represents a lifestyle!“

We regret to tell You however that the result of the voting was not of one voice. As we are law-abiding citizens two of our ten jury members were females, a circumstance which we were not able to avoid. One of those two female jury members was the president of the wigmaker association (in her opinion Your half-wig is not artful enough) and the other one was my wife. Nevertheless elections are elections. Who knows that better than You, Mr. President, don´t You?

I personally apologize for that inconvenience but let me assure You that Your haircolour is really unique. Some months ago we formed a group of passionate hairdressers in Baden Württemberg to copy that unique shade but we all failed. Maybe Your private colour mixture will now become the best hidden secret in the United States.

Once more we congratulate You, Mr. President!

Yours sincerly,

Adam Adams

Vice President of the Hairdresser and Wigmaker Association of Baden Württemberg, Germany

Folge uns auffällig.